About iHope

What Is iHope?

iHope is an easy-to-use smartphone app for both Apple and Android designed to promote domestic peace and prevent violence before it happens. It provides users with safety tools to plan their activities and notify their trusted friends, family members, and other contacts before, or when, they need their help.

Whether used as a safety precaution, a safety status update, or when users need help from their designated contacts, iHope provides useful safety features and support resources.

 How Does iHope Work?

iHope is designed to help keep users safe by giving them the tools they need to plan their activities and then notify their designated contacts as needed about those activities. Below are four examples of such features.

• The My Support feature allows users to create a contact list of up to 5 designated family members, friends or other contacts.

• The My Safety feature allows users to create an alert that uses a timer before users find themselves in a potentially vulnerable situation.

• The I Need Help feature allows users to alert their designated contacts of their immediate need for help.

• The I’m Safe feature allows users to easily let their contacts know they are safe.

iHope has a Help section for users needing guidance when using their Apple or Android smartphone.